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What does depression feel like? Have you ever had it where you're okay in the day and then depressed at night?
- Anonymous


it effects everyone differently, but personally.  christ depression feels’re nothing, and there’s nothing in life worth holding on to.  its miserable walking around school surrounded by everyone but feeling nothing but loneliness. i felt like i was in a deep pit un-able to escape.  literally i tried so hard but i could not feel truly happy.  depression for me felt like i was going to die.  i looked into the future and saw darkness because i thought i didn’t have one because i would be dead.  people often feel most lonley at night; you’re more prone to it when you’re trapped and alone with your thoughts which you can’t really control.  i wouldnt say i only get depression at night…i dont think you JUST ‘get depression’ at night, but you’re more prone to it of course, and if you are depressed,you usually re more distracted in the day with your mind on other things and then at night it can be awful.  so yes, you can generally feel more sad at night.  i think the day was the worst for me…i found myself surrounded with so much happiness and i hated not sharing that.  i was envious really and it was horrible feeling so miserable and hopeless around people that were generally amazing.

!!wow im sad again !!!!